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What's the difference between POP and IMAP?

POP allows you to download your messages directly onto your computer. You can choose to leave a copy of the message on the server or to download them off of the server. Default is generally to take them off of the server. If you create other folders on your email client, they will not be reflected on the server. If you go to a different computer and don't leave messages on the server, you won't be able to see any of your old messages. You will only be able to see messages that you have not downloaded to the other computer. If you do leave messages on the server, then everything will be on our server for you to see, but none of it will be organized. Also, if you use POP and do not save your messages on the server and your computer crashes, your mail will be lost.

We highly recommend IMAP. IMAP is basically a mirror of the server. If you move a message in your email client, then it will be moved on the server. This option is almost a must for people frequently using different computers to access their email.

We personally recommend downloading Thunderbird as your email client, it's fast, efficient and best of all it's FREE!!! Download it here!

Once you install Thunderbird, then these are the steps in setting up Thunderbird for use with Worthy Premium Email.

1st Step -- Create your New Email Account. Click on FILE, then NEW, then MAIL ACCOUNT

2nd Step, Insert your NAME, EMAIL ADDRESS, and YOUR PASSWORD.

Next, Thunderbird will try to find the settings for you. It should be the same as shown below.

Now once the account is set up, if your right click on the email account, you'll notice that the SMTP setting is not set up properly to work with Worthy Premium Email. It should be showing yourusername@worthyemail.com, however it's simply just your username.

To fix this problem, on the left hand side, click on Outgoing Server at the very bottom of the page.

Then you choose your outgoing email, and click on your Username and then hit EDIT.

You'll need to change the settings on Description, Server Name and your username to your FULL email address.

Once you send your first email, you'll see a security error because Worthy Email uses Fusemail as its email hosting provider, so Thunderbird doesn't see a coorelation with Fusemail and WorthyEmail. Simply CONFIRM the SECURITY EXEMPTION, and that should be it!

Do you see an inappropriate ad? PLEASE REPORT IT!
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