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World News
Russia deploys S-400 missile battery in Syria, state media says
Fourteen Countries Flying Sorties Over Syrian Airspace
NATO sets emergency meeting after Turkey downs Russian jet
Putin arrives in Iran as Russia eases nuclear export ban to Islamic Republic
Visiting Tehran, Putin begins transfer of S-300
Assad's Fate Likely to Top Agenda During Putin's Iran
UN Approves Resolution Urging Action Against Islamic State
Israel News
Israel Air Force strikes targets in Syria near Lebanese border
Anti-Israel UN resolutions expected to pass
Syrian opposition: IAF struck Hezbollah, regime targets near Syria-Lebanon border
Hamas and Hezbollah leaders meet in Beirut to discuss Palestinian 'intifada'
Iran's Guard simulates capture of Al-Aqsa Mosque
IDF responds to earlier rocket fire by hitting two terrorist targets in Gaza
Israeli Army Begins Broad Reserve Call Up for West Bank Deployment in 2016
U.S. News
NSA stops collecting phone records, still wants three more months to snoop
Coming soon: More immigrants from Muslim nations than population of D.C. — 680,000
Islamic State Radicalizes 'Thousands' in United States
State Department issues warning for Americans amid increased terror threat
TSA Investigation Finds 73 Workers on U.S.'s Terrorist Watchlist
FBI: 6 men arrested near Mexico border in Sonoita, Ariz.
House approves Syrian refugee screening bill, defies veto threat
Christian News
Malayasian gov't targets Christians for Islamisation
Bangladesh: Christians survive arson attacks
China tortures legal reps of religious groups
Pakistan's anti-Christian discrimination in education
CAR: Revenge attacks against Christians
Germany: Muslims persecute Christian refugees
'Sick of Islam,' Muslims turn to Christ

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